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The story is about a woman who took a few wrong turns in her life, leading to her exile from her own family. They promised her a ship, but instead gifted it to her twin sister, Cendre. Ishara vows to get her ship back at all costs.

Her attempts to steal the ship are thwarted by another bandit gang who wished to take it for their own. She's thrown on an adventure to get the ship back with someone she does not want to be adventuring with!

She becomes stuck with either her twin sister Cendre, whom she hates, or Félix, her sister's fiancé ... that has something he is hiding.

Game Features:
  • Battle Mini-game
  • Two Major Branches
  • Four Endings
  • Voice Acting for Battles
  • 36k Words, ~2 Hours Playtime


Ishara named herself after a fabled sea witch to instill fear in all she encountered, which is the path of a woman looking to turn to piracy. She needs one thing first, and that's a ship. If only she didn't need her family to get to it.

Ishara's twin sister. She was raised to be a proper noble lady and to follow all the rules. She despises her sister for ruining their family's name.

Cendre's love and fiancé. He is a perfect gentleman of modest wealth ... Or so she thinks. He's used to certain luxuries, you see. He'll do anything to keep his lifestyle.

Ishara's first mate. They became good friends while they were captives in the southern desert. Talon, or Tal for short, loves a good fight and has no qualms breaking the law. Laws have never done her any good.

The poor fisherman who happens to meet Talon - and promptly becomes her prisoner. He doesn't seem to mind the company, as a man can get lonely out on a fishing boat by himself.


This is a HappyB game.


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